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Debt Consolidation Canada

Are you feeling the strain of carrying too much debt, from too many different creditors? Are you spending hour after hour just keeping track of your minimum payments, and always wondering if you’re about to miss one? Are you a little behind on your bills, or are you so deep in debt you don’t dare open the mail anymore? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should consider speaking to one of our partner Canadian debt consolidation consultants about strategies to consolidate your debt and finally get your bills under control. Think of the time you’d save and the worry that you’d avoid if you could consolidate your debts into one monthly payment. Our partner credit counselling offices can help you identify debt problems before they get out of hand, and show you how to get out of debt and stay that way. Often, just telling another person about your situation is enough to get you to see for yourself how far in debt you’ve gone already without noticing the warnings signs along the way. Many Canadians have never had any kind of financial education, and advertising on the radio, television, in magazines and on the Internet have urged us to buy indiscriminately and encouraged us to go into debt to do it.

There are many indications that your debt is getting the better of you. If you find that you’re always charging more on your credit cards than you pay each month, or using a cash advance from one to pay another, or avoiding one creditor in order to have enough money to pay another, you’re probably already in more serious financial difficulties than your realize. It’s important for your future happiness and financial stability that you change the way you’ve been looking at borrowing and spending money. Our Canadian debt consolidation counseller matching services can help. You can begin to address your most pressing problems right away using debt consolidation. If you consolidate debt, you’ll make it much easier to keep track of what you owe, as well as greatly reducing the chances that you’ll miss an important payment date. If you’re conscientious and punctual with your reduced payment schedule, there’s no need for your outstanding credit balances to affect your credit score negatively. It’s very common for the consolidated loan to be offered at lower rates than you had on some, or all of your previous loans, especially if they’re on credit cards.

While debt consolidation loans almost always save the borrower money on interest, it’s still important for the borrower to understand all the ramifications of this type of loan, so that they may consolidate debt as much as possible without placing important collateral like a house or car at risk unless absolutely necessary. Our friendly and skilled partner Canadian debt consolidation consultants can explain the ins and outs of debt consolidation loans, as well as many other strategies to get you out of debt. And with proper counselling and planning, you can avoid running up your paid-off credit lines again. It’s important to accurately assess your ability to pay one, larger payment before you enter into any agreement to consolidate debt. Your payment should only represent what you can actually afford. Our affiliated debt consolidation counsellers can help you assess what you can reasonably be expected to pay, while still having enough left over to have a normal lifestyle and not fall right back into debt again. If you’re able to promise to faithfully pay your new obligations on time, and have the expert advice of our partner debt consultants to back it up, creditors are much more likely to substantially lower or even eliminate your interest charges. Your new payments will finally pay down the principle on your loans and get you out of debt for good.

In addition to plans to consolidate debt, talking to our affiliated debt counsellers can give you important information about other options for debt reduction, financial planning, and budgeting. Many times the input of a professional debt consultant is enough to let your creditors know that you’re finally well-informed about your rights as a credit consumer, and have access to help in your dealing with your debts. Debt settlements can often be arranged in addition to debt consolidations, and not only the interest and fees can be lowered or waived, but the principle balance you owe can be negotiated lower as well. The creditor will know that they are more likely to receive regular payments, and so might be willing to exchange surety for debt relief to the consumer. Speak to one of our fully trained, professional debt counselling partners to find out more. Stop worrying about your debts. End embarrassing collection phone calls and letters. Just fill out the simple form and then talk to one of the pleasant, efficient, well-trained debt counsellers and you’ll be on the road to being debt-free. It’s easy, confidential, and there’s no obligation. Contact a debt counsellor today!

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